Relationships Australia SA acknowledges the women, men, families and communities who contribute to our knowledge and skill by actively participating in our programs and services, helping to guide our development and philosophy.

We particularly acknowledge and thank the young people and community who supported the development of the Rize Above program during the community consultations and ongoing design and review stages. 

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first peoples of this land and as the keepers of the oldest continuous living cultures known. Their resilience and determination to maintain their culture has been a source of great inspiration. We strive to privilege these voices, and the generously shared knowledge as part of this program.

Relationships Australia South Australia values the collaboration on this program with our partner organisation the City of Salisbury and the support and guidance from the Northern Violence Against Women and Homelessness Collaboration. 

Our collaborative relationship with Monkeystack has been instrumental in the development and creation of the graphics and gamified experiences for the website and Respectful Relationships Education Program (RREP). Monkeystack’s support in bringing the vision of the community to life and working alongside us throughout the development phases has supported the site and program to reflect the voices of community. Thank you to Monkeystack for the creation of the site graphics and gamified experiences in the RREP. Visit to see more of their amazing work. Monkeystack are good people who like to work with good people to produce good things’.

With the support of community and young people Rize Above was designed, written and created by Relationships Australia South Australia’s Children’s Services Team:

Melissa Ruthen | Team Leader Children’s Services North & Kale Ledwidge | Community Engagement / Lead Therapeutic Group Worker

In-school and peer-mentor program was refined and delivered by 

Gabby Owens | Community Engagement / Lead Therapeutic Group Worker with support of Children’s Services group facilitators

Rize Above is funded by the Australian Government Department for Social Services.

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Acknowledgement of Country

The contribution of Aboriginal Australians has shaped our knowledge of the country and our identity. All Australians benefit from the generosity of Aboriginal people sharing their Country and their culture.

Relationships Australia (SA) acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians; their spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and economic connection to the Land and Seas, and apologises for the atrocities that have been perpetrated on them and their ancestors, and recognises the continued impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians today.

We are committed to an ongoing process of reconciliation and will actively engage in redressing inequitable distributions of the physical, spiritual and political economy, in regards to Australian Indigenous issues.

Relationships Australia (SA) recognises and acknowledges that dispossession of Country, and the disruption to family connections has resulted in a breakdown of social networks created through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian’s Knowledge, Law and Culture. We also recognise the continuous intergenerational impact of the history of invasion, policies and legislation.


Rize Above values all healthy relationships inclusive of the vast diversity in how these can look. In this site, and in the programs we aim for inclusive language for our terms and challenge heteronormativity. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of bodies, genders and relationships young people have. Young people express their gender and sexuality in different ways, this program celebrates diversity and aims to promote healthy and respectful relationships for all people.
Kids Helpline have put together a great resource which talks to many of the definitions and explanations for LGBTIQA+ terms. You can read more here: LGBTIQA+ Ultimate Dictionary